Wednesday, 14 September 2016

PHOTO NEWS : 2016 Proudly Nigeria Expo

At the recently concluded Proudly Nigeria Expo (PNE) which held between the 5th and 11th of September 2016 in Abuja Nigeria, many Nigerians had the opportunity to showcase their products to the appreciation, commercial significance and employment possibilities of the people in attendance.

The Proudly Nigeria Expo (PNE), was created with the aim of showcasing made in Nigeria goods and services. A major strength of Proudly Nigerian Expo is that it imparts knowledge and empowers the jobless. As manufacturers showcase their goods and services, those seeking knowledge to get into small and medium scale enterprises are tutored on the rudiments of doing business.

During the expo there were segments on skills training in ventures like soap making, bakery, beads making, leather work, event management etc. Small starts-up were also taught on how to access grants from government agencies and other financial agencies.

The car below was made from local wood by a man from Bida in Niger state, Nigeria. He drove his fanciful car all the way from Niger state to the '2016 Proudly Nigeria Expo'.

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